• Oil & Gas/Petrochemical
    Oil & Gas/Petrochemical
    In the exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas, PTFE and other fluoropolymers are most needed, and the requirements may also be the most demanding. Only the highest performance grade, high
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  • Semi-conductor
    For the semiconductor industry, polyfluoroplastics play an important role with their chemically inert and non-wetting (hydrophobic) materials, such as FEP, PTFE, PCTFE, PFA, TFM and PI. The scope of
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  • Medical
    The clean, smooth, non-toxic, and non-allergenic characteristics of PTFE and other fluoroplastic products are very suitable for the medical industry. We not only have conventional tubes, but also can
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  • Aerospace
    The aerospace industry relies heavily on high-performance fluoropolymers, which can be applied to a wide range of temperatures while maintaining performance, and can also be exposed to chemically
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  • Food&Drink
    High-performance fluoropolymers in food and beveragesHigh-performance fluoropolymer materials are critical to the food and beverage industry. YOZONE's PTFE and fluoropolymer have excellent
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  • Defense
    The defense sector has very high standards for the application of materials. Due to the standard characteristics of PTFE and other fluoroplastics.They are often used in different applications. Mainly
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  • Electrical
    Because of its low coefficient of friction, high maximum operating temperature, low tensile strength, and low dielectric constant.,fluoroplastics like PTFE are very suitable for submersible electrical
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  • Automotive
    YOZONE is one of the top suppliers of fluoropolymers in the automotive industry. Due to market demand and technological innovation, the automotive market is increasingly demanding high-performance
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  • Chemical
    Environmental laboratory equipment comes from a market, and its mission is to design and produce various equipment to meet testing needs. Such as nuclear magnetic resonance, other spectroscopic
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  • Construction
    In urban construction, many construction companies, such as construction companies, rely on the characteristics of PTFE tubes and other fluoropolymers to meet various engineering needs. Fluoropolymers
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