Fluoroplastics Tubing

YOZONE, as leading China Fluoroplastics Tubing supplier, benefits of our OEM/ODM service is also important factor to let us own more foreign customers cooperations. Additionally, with a network of seven factories across China, we guarantee a monthly production output of 25 million meters of top-notch products. Meanwhile, fluoroplastics tubings are our main products to export oversea market.

Introduce About Fluoroplastics Tubing By YOZONE 


Fluoroplastics tubing refers to tubing made from fluoropolymer materials such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene), PEEK, PE, PVC PVDF and PFA (perfluoroalkoxy).

Why Fluoroplastics Tubing Are Widely Used In Different Industries

  • Fluoroplastics tubing finds applications in the food and beverage industry, according to its non-stick properties, chemical resistance, and ability to withstand temperature variations.
  • Fluoroplastics tubings are as used in the automotive and aerospace industries for applications such as fuel lines, pneumatic systems, and hydraulic systems because its chemical resistance, durability, and high-temperature stability.
  • Fluoroplastics tubing plays a vital role in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Its high chemical resistance and biocompatibility ensure the safe and reliable transport.
  • Its non-reactive nature, high purity, and exceptional chemical resistance makes Fluoroplastics tubing utilization in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. 
  • Its excellent chemical resistance is good advantage to make fluoroplastics tubing widely to be used in the chemical processing industry.

YOZONE Lists Quality Fluoroplastics Tubing Below:

  • Customized ROHS 100% raw materials for PTFE tube from OD1.5mm to OD13mm
  • OEM PE extruded tubes as customized design with matched -15°C up to +60°C.
  • -10°C to +70°C PVC rectangular square telescoping drain colored flexible tubes
  • Customized PEEK tubes with ISO9001 standard
  • PVDF tubing with resistance to radiation and UV resistant