The aerospace industry relies heavily on high-performance fluoropolymers, which can be applied to a wide range of temperatures while maintaining performance, and can also be exposed to chemically corrosive special fuels, which may corrode other common building materials. Fluoropolymers are widely used in the aerospace industry because they are much lighter than other aerospace building materials. Lighter materials can improve the agility and speed of the aircraft and reduce fuel consumption. And in this industry, performance is the most important; fluoropolymer is the only material that can provide high-temperature use, chemical inertness, wear resistance and non-leaching properties.

YOZONE employees have unique in-depth technical knowledge of fluoropolymer products that must meet such demanding requirements. We also provide relevant technical support including selecting suitable materials or mixtures to meet specific performance standards to meet the requirements of flexibility and wear resistance in different fields.

YOZONE will continue to work on identifying, developing and testing new materials or specific formulations of existing high-performance polymers to support aerospace applications.

If your aviation application can benefit from one of our fluoropolymer products, please provide an inquiry and we will contact you shortly.