In urban construction, many construction companies, such as construction companies, rely on the characteristics of PTFE tubes and other fluoropolymers to meet various engineering needs. Fluoropolymers provide construction companies with a stable and versatile material that can withstand harsh environments and at the same time has high engineering strength that other materials do not have. Some other industrial companies also often seek fluoropolymer materials because they have great advantages in cost-effectiveness and longevity.

The properties of fluoropolymers summarized below can help guide construction companies to select specific materials in general industrial applications.

1. Chemical stability and non-reactivate to various chemicals

2. Can withstand temperatures from very low to very high

3. Low dielectric loss, high breakdown voltage threshold

4. Non-stick (for fluoropolymer PTFE, FEP and PFA)

5. Low penetration rate of PCTFE

6. ETFE has the best performance balance and excellent wear resistance of all materials