Environmental laboratory equipment comes from a market, and its mission is to design and produce various equipment to meet testing needs. Such as nuclear magnetic resonance, other spectroscopic instruments, gas and liquid flow measurement equipment, and many other sampling and analysis equipment. YOZONE's PTFE tubes and other fluoropolymer tubes and laboratory standard heat exchanges have become the first choice for testing applications due to their unique corrosion resistance and thermal stability.

The materials used in research laboratories of scientific companies need to ensure zero pollution when storing and transporting high-purity liquids, and the purity is not contaminated for high-precision test results. Unlike other common materials, which are easy to leach other impurities, fluoropolymers such as polytetrafluoroethylene and PFA can ensure that they will not be corroded by borrowed media. This high purity level can ensure that pharmaceutical companies, academic research laboratories and other science-related organizations can use experimental materials that absolutely meet the requirements

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