High-performance fluoropolymers in food and beverages

High-performance fluoropolymer materials are critical to the food and beverage industry. YOZONE's PTFE and fluoropolymer have excellent characteristics that are different from other ordinary plastics, and meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements in the industry.

Our products can cover all stages of the food industry: from food and beverage preparation, beverage distribution to monitoring and analysis of food or beverages, and food and beverage preparation, preservation, and disinfection

PTFE and other fluoroplastics are not affected by ozone and chlorine. PTFE products cover a wide range of PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF pipes and PTFE bellows, which can be widely used in ozone generation equipment and heating Chlorine water treatment plant.

Beverage distribution

The hot drink dispenser has the characteristics of long-term intermittent high temperature, and the applied pipe products have very high inertness requirements, in order to be harmless to organisms. After testing and rigorous experimental tests, PTFE, FEP and PFA pipes have very high superiority and are a good material selection direction. Its smooth inner surface will not stick to any food and liquid residue, so it will have any effect on the taste of food. Our Neoprene peristaltic pump tubing combines high performance, low maintenance costs and compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. In order to be able to re-adjust/maintain the glue dispenser effectively, we can customize tubing of any size and package length according to customer requirements to facilitate installation.

Monitoring and analysis instruments

The internal quality assurance team will be responsible for testing the production line samples, and then they will be sent to a third-party testing laboratory for composition analysis, so we desperately need an effective fluid handling solution, in addition to meeting stringent technical testing standards, with a lower cost It is also important to produce products that are more compliant with standards.

PTFE, FEP and PFA tubes are the solutions. First of all, he will not be able to extract magazines so there is no risk of contamination. Secondly, the cost of inert and high-purity coil tubes of the PTFE series is relatively low. Today, the production cost is increasing and it plays a very active role in reducing costs. The most important What is tested is that it can maintain high performance in continuous production. They are excellent materials that can resist long-term washing with corrosive liquids.

Benefits considered:

1. No extracts or extractables

2. Naturally stable at high temperatures

3. Almost 100% inert to all substances

4. Smooth, non-stick surface (self-cleaning)

5. Low gas diffusion/permeation

6. Effective UV transmission

7. FDA compliance

8. PTFE resin related products:

9. PTFE, PFA and FEP smooth tube

10. Pump tube assembly

11. Pharmaceutical Bipolar Transistor R-6506

12. Polyethylene S3 e-3603