Heat Shrink Tubing

YOZONE, as leading manufacturer and supplier of Heat Shrink Tubing production, always provides quality Heat Shrink Tubings as well. Heat shrink tubing is typically made of a polymer material, such as polyolefin, that shrinks in diameter when heated, conforming tightly around the object it is applied to.

Applications Of Heat Shrink Tubing By YOZONE

The application of heat shrink tubing involves a simple process. The tubing is first slid over the desired area, such as a wire or cable joint, and then heated using a heat gun or other heat source. This process effectively seals and protects the enclosed components from moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and other environmental factors.

Advantages of Heat Shrink Tubing

Insulation and Protection: Heat shrink tubing provides excellent electrical insulation, preventing short circuits and electrical leakage.

Easy Installation: The application of heat shrink tubing is straightforward and requires minimal tools. 

Flexibility and Conformity: Heat shrink tubing conforms to irregular shapes and contours.

Clear Identification: Some heat shrink tubing options come with printable surfaces or colored markers that allow for easy identification and labeling of wires and cables.

Environmental Resistance: Heat shrink tubing is designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and harsh chemicals.

How YOZONE Promise The Quality of Products?

YOZONE-Technology employs a range of standard testing machines to ensure compliance with ASTM, GB/T, and ISO specifications. These testing machines are utilized to control product quality and include:

1. Density tester

2. Burst pressure testing machine

3. Gage rods

4. Wall thickness micrometer

5. Tensile testing machine

6. Water absorption Tester

The process methods below:

1.Raw Materials

2. Moulding


4. Sintering

5.Testing during production

6. Outgoing Testing



Why Do Foreign Customers Choose YOZONE?

1. ISO 9001 certified, and Verified by UPS Class Vi, FDA, ROHS, REACH and CE.

2. Weekly status report with everything under your control.

3. OEM/ODM service customized label packaging for you.

4. 7 factories around China guarantee monthly output of 25 million meters products.

5. 24/7 professional communication through senior technical engineers and team.

6. More than 15 years of experience in the PTFE tube industry.