YOZONE is one of the top suppliers of fluoropolymers in the automotive industry. Due to market demand and technological innovation, the automotive market is increasingly demanding high-performance polymers. This market is largely determined by space and performance to weight ratio. We will continue to identify and develop fluoropolymers and other high-performance polymer products to meet the automotive market’s requirements for high temperature resistance, chemical stability and other performance, whether it is fluoropolymers or PTFE fuels suitable for protective covers in high-temperature areas Hoses or wear-resistant cable gaskets, YOZONE can meet the needs of the automotive industry!

With the changes in the automotive industry, our skilled and experienced team members continue to innovate and develop new solutions, always keeping pace with the times to meet the ever-increasing performance and reliability requirements.

Some of the most common products used in the automotive industry include polytetrafluoroethylene pipes, fluoropolymer pipes, fluoropolymer rods, mono filaments, etc. They have many advantages. PTFE tubing is an excellent wire insulator, which can be used for fluid flow transmission and can withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius).

If you are interested in fluoropolymer solutions for your automotive needs, YOZONE representatives will be happy to discuss with you.