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What do I need to pay attention to when heating a FEP shrink tube?

FEP shrink tubes are heat-resistant insulation materials that shrink under heat. Because it has moisture, combustion, insulation and other protective functions, is used in a number of industries. When using, it needs to be heated to a shrinkage temperature, so what do you pay attention to during the FEP shrink tube heating process?

FEP shrink tubes can generally withstand higher temperatures, but in heating and use or pay more attention to, otherwise it is easy to damage the FEP heat shrink tube in the heating process, thereby affecting the protection performance of FEP shrink tubes.

Control the heating temperature:

High-quality heat shrink tubes are made of polymer materials and special processes, so it will not be affected in a short period of high temperature environment, but local long-term high temperature overheating will directly damage or even burn the material, so enterprises in the application and heating should pay attention to temperature control, in order to ensure that the material can have better performance.

Preheat and remove sediment:

In order to ensure the tight bonding and bonding strength between the FEP heat shrink tube and the coating material, the coating area and the bonding seal section should be warmed up in advance before applying each layer of the tube, cleaning with cable cleaning paper and removing the carbon deposits of flame smoke, thus making the new high temperature heat shrink tube more close contact between the layers.

To see the effect of heating:

After the shrinkage of the FEP heat shrink tube appearance should be smooth and no creases, and can clearly see its original structural contours, so, after the operator after heating should pay attention to its structural contours and other aspects of whether to meet the required standards, and secondly, also pay attention to the heating finished and finished the sealant part is perfect, only the sealing part shows a small amount of sealant extruded FEP heat shrink tube is considered seal complete.