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FEP tubes are the main use

FEP tubes are mainly used in high temperature and high frequency electronic equipment transmission wires, electronic computer internal connection lines, aerospace wires and their special purpose installation lines, oil pump cables and submersible motor winding wire insulation. FEP tube is made from polypluoroethylene resin added additives after extrusion molding, with excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, chemical corrosion resistance, insulation and non-stick.  

FEP tubes can be used for a long time in the range of 80 to 200 degrees C, mainly used in a variety of frequencies of wire, cable, sheath, electrical components, optical iron pipes and operating conditions are more difficult conditions, such as corrosive liquid and gas transport pipe, heat exchanger tube, liquid surface meter tube.


Its high and low temperature resistance is good, can be used for a long time at -250 to 200 degrees C> temperature, good wear resistance, good self-lubrication performance, excellent electrical insulation, and not affected by the working environment, humidity, temperature and frequency, with good arc resistance, good chemical corrosion resistance, good air tightness, irradiation resistance, low tenderness, and metal, glass bonding force and other advantages.


FEP, the main material of fluorine tubes, are widely used in electrical, electronic, chemical, aerospace, machinery and other industrial sectors and rocket, missile, aerospace and other scientific and technological and defense industries. Suitable for fluorine plastics can be applied in all fields, and can produce difficult to process, complex shapes of products.


The mechanical industry is used as a seal ring, instrumentation parts, etc., the electrical industry is used as a wire insulation, cable sheath, etc., the chemical industry is used as a pump, valve, distillation tower, heat exchanger and its components, seals, atomic energy industry as equipment anticorrosive materials and sealing materials, medically used as repair heart valves and fine trachea. Concentrated dispersion is used as a corrosion-resistant coating and impregnated glass cloth, asbestos cloth, asbestos rope, etc. to produce corrosion-resistant products.