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PFA Hose Features

PFA hoses are made of PFA resin extrusive molding method, PFA hose long-term use temperature of -80 degrees C to 260 degrees C, can be used as corrosive liquid or gas medium conveyor tubes, lining tubes and other places to use, and PFA hoses have many advantages:

1. PFA hose for a small amount of perfluoroprofluoroethylene ether and Teflon co-polymer, melting adhesion increased, soluble viscosity decreased, and the performance of Teflon compared to no change, this resin can be directly processed into products using ordinary thermoplastic molding method.

2. PFA hose long-term use temperature -80-260 degrees, some chemical corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance to all chemicals, as well as good electrical properties, its electrical insulation is not affected by temperature, there is a "plastic king" said.

3. Its chemical resistance is similar to that of Teflon, which is better than polyfluoroethylene.

4. Its creep resistance and compression strength are better than Teflon, high tensile strength, elongation rate of up to 100-300%, good dielectic properties, excellent radiation resistance.

5. Non-toxic: PFA hose has physiological inertness, can be implanted in the human body.