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Notes on the use of FEP tubes

We know that the production process of FEP tubes is produced through the bloating process, so the use of FEP tubes is more fragile, so I want to understand the factors that can affect the use of FEP tubes.

1. The temperature

Different from other plastic pipes, fep tubes are used to be sensitive to temperature, and FEP tubes that are manufactured and molded are easily affected by warmth. Therefore, when we use as far as possible to avoid the use of drastic temperature changes, but also to avoid heat and cold, so as to avoid FEP tube due to heat expansion and cold shrink and shorten the service life.

2. Sunshine and humidity

Sunlight also has a certain impact on the FEP tube, as we also said above, the temperature changes will also affect the use of the pipe, so we use as far as possible to avoid the use of direct sunlight, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will accelerate the aging of the FEP tube.

Not only too cold, overheated, sunny places can not use FEP tube, in the humid and air non-circulating environment is also not suitable for fep tube use.


Because FEP tube is produced by blowing process, the crystallization of the base tube will have certain obstacles in the blowing process of THEP tube, with the increase of crystallization, the elastic mod, hardness in the blowing process will also increase with the increase of crystallization, while the resistance of the pipe, elongation, flexibility will also have varying degrees of reduction. This is very detrimental to the production of heat shrink tubes, as blow-out substrings require high pull strength and elongation. So crystallization is also a point we should pay attention to.

In general, the use of FEP tubes without the use of other pipes of high-strength suitability, temperature, humidity, sunlight and the crystallization of pipes will have varying degrees of impact on the use of pipes, these are our use in the process of caution.