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PFA Bellows Tube

PFA bellows as a flexible pressure-resistant pipe fittings installed in the liquid delivery system, for the major compensation pipes, machines, equipment connection end of the mutual displacement, absorption of vibration energy, can play a role in vibration reduction, silence and so on, with good flexibility, light quality, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature and other advantages.

Bellows meet three requirements:

(1) Displacement changes caused by heat expansion and cold contraction, mechanical vibration and displacement changes in which the ship is affected by wind waves constitute the deformation of the hull.

(2) High temperature and seawater corrosion resistance.

(3) In order to ensure the safety of the sail sea, it is necessary to ensure that stainless steel bellows, bellows compensator section has a high number of tired life.

Bellows advantages: high temperature, sea water and chemical corrosion resistance, high flexibility, high tired life, compact construction, reliable sealing, because the space on ships, ships is valuable, bellows in steam, water, oil and flue lines, diesel exhaust holes and machine pump import and export displacement compensation elements should be selected for the construction of compact, well-sealed, well-equipped stainless steel bellows, bellows.