Customers Cases

1. We recently approached an electronic seal company that is a major automobile manufacturing company. As experts in PTFE/FEP heat-shrinkable tubing, they want to see if we can help them improve the tightness of parts in corrosive liquids.

To challenge

We received a request from a customer to see if we can help them solve the problem of anti-corrosion of electronic parts in high-temperature corrosive liquids. The original solution will cause the pipe to not be able to seal the parts well, and the use time will cause damage. This not only leads to quality problems for the components, but also means that the production schedule is affected by the need to stop work.

For customers, we must be able to quickly turn around and provide good sealing solutions. Parts are used for a long time in daily production planning, and the information of the parts needs to be protected.

Our solution

After inspecting the old sealed pipe, we can see that the nozzle is not completely sealed, which will cause the external liquid to penetrate into the part at a very slow speed. This means that we must improve the sealing of the wrapped pipe, especially the sealing of the port. After discussing with the customer, we recommend using our double-layer heat-shrinkable tube, which has an outer layer of heat-shrinkable PTFE and an inner layer of heat-melt It is composed of high-quality FEP. The FEP inside the pipe can be completely melted after being heated at 600 degrees for about 45 seconds, and then the sealed parts will be completely wrapped. It has a variety of colors, we can provide black outer PTFE heat shrinkable tube, in order to achieve the role of customer protection of parts information.


After preliminary tests and good results, the service life of our customers’ parts has been greatly increased, and unplanned downtime has been reduced. We can also ensure that the service life is long enough. On this basis, we are now using double-layer heat shrink tubing with different shrinkage ratios to help Our customers protect parts of more shapes and sizes.


2. At noon on March 16th, I received an e-mail, because the customer's use conditions changed and the tube broke. After I understood the reason, I found that the wall thickness of the pipe that the customer wanted was not enough to cope with his current use environment. The customer placed an order in a hurry, and was not familiar with the product, and the expression of the use environment was not accurate.

As a professional manufacturer, we naturally have to help customers solve their problems. Then I proposed to customers a plan to increase the wall thickness, and provided customers with a new batch of products with thicker pipe walls for free. We will let customers try it out first. If the use requirements are met, then pay at the previous price. Although the exchange rate and raw materials have risen, we hope that customers can purchase more at ease without worrying about professional problems, so we insist on not letting customers bear the extra cost. loss.

Customers buy products for use, not for refunds. It is our responsibility to truly ascertain customer needs and reduce customer costs.


3. High procurement efficiency

"Time is money", especially in the modern business age, people's life is getting faster and faster, and customers' requirements for suppliers' response speed are getting higher and higher.

If the supplier’s response speed is too slow, it will inevitably fail to meet the delivery date and affect the customer’s experience.

In the 10,000-meter PTFE/FEP double-layer heat-shrinkable tube project, our company learned that the customer’s order demand was urgent at noon on Thursday, so before 4 pm that day, the production line with a lower emergency level was replaced with the product material required by the customer. And I contacted the colleague in charge of the transportation department to book the air freight warehouse at the first time, and four days later, the goods were loaded on the trucks prepared in advance and sent to the airport.

Corresponding production efficiency is an indicator of life for my factory. As a world-renowned plastics manufacturer, we will ensure production and delivery effectiveness at all costs.