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China Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps are mainly used in automatic ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machines for automatic quantitative addition and injection of enzymes, cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machine can complete ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, boiling disinfection, drying and other functions, can greatly save the amount of cleaning work, improve work efficiency. Medically fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machine is mainly suitable for hospital endoscopic biopsy pliers, scalpels, hemorrhage pliers, tweezers, suction devices, anaesthetic pipes, infusions, bottles, drug exchange bowls, a variety of plates, drums, pressure gauges and other contaminated equipment in large quantities, high cleanliness cleaning.

When working in a fully automated ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machine, enzymes, cleaning agents and disinfectants need to be automatically quantitatively added and injected. The added cleaning aids have the following characteristics: small dose, high add accuracy, a certain degree of corrosion, the general ordinary pump usually can not meet these requirements very well. Jieheng peristaltic pump as a small volume of peristaltic pump with high conveying accuracy, corrosion resistance, with shut-off valve and other special capabilities, so it can be very good to meet the fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning disinfection machine cleaning additives added characteristics and needs.