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China PEEK Rod performance

PEEK rod, Chinese named polyether ketone rod, is a semi-finished profile using PEEK raw material extrusion molding, with high temperature, high wear resistance, high tensile strength, good flame retardant and other characteristics. PEEK rods can be used to process PEEK parts of various sizes and to manufacture demanding mechanical components such as gears, bearings, valve holders, seals, pump wear rings, washers, etc. Parts processed with PEEK rods are widely used in key connections in aerospace, medical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Pure PEEK rod density of about 1.35, add 30% glass fiber or 30% carbon fiber at about 1.42, if the additive increases or decreases, the density will change accordingly.

YOZONETECH has PEEK rod independent extrusion production capacity, access to a number of PEEK product patent certificates. PEEK rods can be extruded from 5-200mm and are stocked in large quantities. YOZONETECH production of PEEK rod surface smooth black spots, toughness easy to process, price concessions, excellent performance, by third-party quality testing can completely replace foreign rods