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FEP tube advantages

FEP tube can be used as a cushion, lubrication material, sealant in the eroded medium, is also available in various frequencies of electrically insulated parts, FEP tube has many advantages, next for you to introduce its five advantages:

1, FEP tube service life is relatively long, if not short-term use of products, then the use of FEP tube will be more appropriate, like glass made of pipe will generally age for a long time, so FEP tube is still worth buying.

2, FEP tube will not adhere to any impurities, its coefficient of friction is relatively low, we know that the object on the low coefficient of friction means that it will produce less friction, in other words, FEP tube has a good lubrication effect, will not stick to the substance, so in regular cleaning will save a lot of costs.

3, high temperature, low temperature. FeP tube can be used in summer and winter environments without affecting its own performance characteristics, so it is also a cost-effective pipe.

4, non-toxic and pollution-free. FEP tubes do no harm to the human body and materials can be implanted into the body.

5, acid and alkali resistance. Any chemical agent other than liquid fluorine and sodium molten metal can be resisted.