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China Best High Polymer Insulating Material Factory

 YOZONETECH high polymer insulating material is also called polymer dielectric. A polymer material used to isolate conductors that are charged or have different potentials so that current can flow in a specific direction. The volume resistivity is generally greater than 109 Ω |Most polymer materials have excellent insulation properties, a wide range of raw materials, convenient processes, and reliable performance, so they are widely used. In the 1980s, the consumption of polymer materials in some developed countries accounted for more than 5% to 15% of the total consumption.

Electrical insulating materials are mainly used for the insulation of motors and appliances, such as armature slot wedges, stator windings, and rotor windings in generators and motors. According to the shape, it is divided into 6 categories: insulating paint, resin liquid and adhesive. For example, insulating dipping paint, silicon steel plate paint, glazed line paint, filling resin liquid and various adhesives are commonly used epoxy resin, polyester, polyurethane, silicone resin, polyimide resin (see alkyl resin Paint) etc. (2) Impregnated fiber products. Such as various kinds of cotton, silk, synthetic fiber and glass fiber or fabric insulation cloth, tape and other products impregnated with resin. The layers are sorted by category. Various organic or inorganic substrates are laminated with resin after impregnation, such as various laminates. plastic products. It adds various organic or inorganic fillers in the resin, such as TV housing, instrument housing, instrument housing, electrical switch connector housing, etc. (5) Film, synthetic paper and their composite products. For example, various polymer film capacitor dielectric materials, commonly used are polystyrene, polypropylene, polyester, polycarbonate, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyimide and other films; various synthetic fiber insulating papers, such as aromatic poly Amide fiber paper, polyester fiber paper; various insulating tapes, insulating tapes, etc. Rubber product category. For example, various wire and cable insulation layers and sheaths, heat shrinkable tubes, silicone rubber insulated ends, etc.

 YOZONETECH electronic insulation materials are mainly used for the insulation protection of semiconductor components and electronic equipment. (1) Printed circuit board, namely copper foil board. Resin laminate substrate, called hard copper clad foil board, often uses epoxy resin, phenolic resin board; substrate is polymer film or single-layer heat-resistant glass coated cloth, and then called flexible copper foil, often using polyester, Polyimide, fluoropolymer film. (2) Packaging materials to prevent the influence of moisture and impurities on the parameters of semiconductor components. Currently, more than 90% of semiconductor components are encapsulated in plastic. It mainly uses epoxy resin and silicone resin, followed by phenolic resin, polyester, polybutene and so on. The insulating film used in semiconductor devices is surface protection film (including contact coating film, passivation film, moisture and shock-proof film, soft error-proof ray shielding film, etc.) and interlayer insulation for large-scale thin film integrated circuits and other semiconductor components membrane. Such as polyimide type aromatic hydrocarbon heterocyclic polymer.

The future development trend of polymer insulation materials is to further improve the heat resistance of the materials. YOZONETECH will develop new materials with F-level, H-level and higher heat resistance; develop superconducting ultra-low temperature insulation materials; develop excellent water resistance, radiation resistance, Fluorine-resistant insulating materials; research and develop high-frequency dielectric materials with high temperature heat resistance, good processing performance, and insulating materials with other special properties (such as heat conduction, high purity, and photosensitive, etc.).China PTFE Tube will provide high quality products.