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Why source Silicone tubes from China?

What is Silicone Tube

A "Silicone Tube" refers to a cylindrical product made from silicone material. Silicone is a synthetic substance known for its high-temperature resistance, chemical inertness, flexibility, and elasticity. Silicone tubes find application across various fields, such as medical, laboratory, food processing, industrial, and more, due to their wide-ranging properties and versatility.

Excellent Properties of Silicone Tube: 



High-Temperature Resistance

Silicone tubes possess excellent high-temperature resistance, maintaining their physical properties over a wide temperature range.

Chemical Corrosion Resistance

Silicone exhibits good resistance to many chemicals, making it suitable for the transfer of various types of liquids.

Flexibility and Elasticity

Silicone tubes have a certain level of flexibility and elasticity, allowing them to adapt to different bending and shaping requirements.

Food-Grade Certification

Some silicone tube materials meet food-grade certification standards, making them suitable for the food and beverage industry.

Medical Applications

Silicone tubes are used in the medical field for transporting liquids, gases, and internal drainage due to their good biocompatibility.

Electrical Insulation Performance

Silicone has excellent electrical insulation properties, which is why it's commonly used to protect and isolate electronic components.

Aging Resistance

Silicone exhibits relatively good weather resistance in outdoor environments, resisting aging and deterioration from prolonged exposure.

The wide-ranging application areas of Silicone Tube.

Application Area


Medical Field

Used for drug, fluid, and gas delivery; as drainage conduits; components in surgery and medical devices.

Laboratory and Research

Used for chemical reagent transfer, connecting lab equipment, collecting samples, etc.

Food Processing Industry

Used for liquid or semi-solid food transfer, beverage filling lines, connecting food processing equipment, etc.

Industrial Fluid Transfer

Used for chemical processes, industrial equipment fluid and gas transfer.

Electronics Manufacturing

Used as insulation and protection for electronic components, cable harness isolation.

Automotive Industry

Used in automotive engines, fluid transfer systems, etc.

Construction and Home

Utilized in building materials, HVAC systems, household equipment piping.

Art and Crafts

Used for creative art projects, crafting.

Why source silicone tubes from China?
1.Manufacturing Infrastructure and Capacity: 
China possesses a vast manufacturing infrastructure and production capacity. The country's manufacturing sector has rapidly developed, with numerous factories and manufacturers specializing in the production of silicone tubes.
2.Cost Efficiency: 
Labor costs in China are relatively low, contributing to reduced manufacturing costs of silicone tubes. This makes Chinese silicone tubes competitive in the international market.
3.Integrated Supply Chain: 
China has a well-established supply chain system, encompassing raw material suppliers, processing facilities, logistics, and more. This helps ensure efficient and smooth production and distribution of silicone tubes.
4.Diverse Market Demand: 
China's domestic market is extensive and requires silicone tubes for various purposes such as medical, food, industrial, and more. This drives manufacturers to develop products that cater to different needs.
5.Technological Advancements and Innovation: 
China's manufacturing sector is continually undergoing technological innovation and upgrades to enhance product quality and performance. This is beneficial for silicone tube production as well.
6.Export Opportunities: 
Chinese silicone tubes not only meet domestic market demands but also have opportunities for export to various global destinations. Manufacturers in China can leverage export markets to expand their business.

The common specifications of silicone tubes


Typical Range of Values

Inner Diameter (ID)

0.5 mm - 50 mm

Outer Diameter (OD)

1 mm - 60 mm

Wall Thickness

0.5 mm - 5 mm


Customizable as needed, common lengths include 1m, 2m, 5m, etc.

Temperature Range

-60°C to 250°C

Pressure Rating

0.5 bar - 10 bar


Food-grade silicone rubber, medical-grade silicone rubber, etc.


Medical, food processing, laboratory, industrial, etc.

Certifications & Standards

FDA, ISO, CE, etc.

Why Choose Us?
we take pride in our expertise and excellence in the production and distribution of silicone tubes. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the market.
1.Industry-Leading Quality: 
Our silicone tubes are manufactured using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art processes. Rigorous quality control ensures that each product meets stringent standards, guaranteeing reliability and performance.
2.Wide Range of Options: 
With a diverse selection of sizes, colors, and specifications, we offer silicone tubes tailored to meet various application requirements. From medical to industrial use, we have the right solution for your needs.
Our flexibility in customization enables us to create silicone tubes that precisely match your unique demands. Whether it's specific dimensions, temperature resistance, or color preferences, we can deliver.
4.Expert Team: 
Our experienced professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to every stage of production. From design and engineering to manufacturing and quality assurance, our team ensures that you receive top-notch products.
5.Advanced Technology: 
We stay at the forefront of technological advancements, incorporating the latest innovations into our manufacturing processes. This results in cutting-edge silicone tubes that perform exceptionally well in diverse environments.
6.Certifications and Compliance: 
Our products adhere to international standards and regulations. Certifications like FDA, ISO, and other industry-specific endorsements validate our commitment to safety and quality.
7.Timely Delivery: 
We understand the importance of deadlines. Our efficient production and distribution system ensures that your silicone tube orders are fulfilled promptly.
8.Customer-Centric Approach: 
Your satisfaction is our priority. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients by providing attentive customer support and reliable solutions.
When you choose Yozonetech, you're choosing a partner dedicated to delivering superior silicone tube solutions that meet your requirements with precision and expertise. Contact us today to experience the difference.



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