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Why source polyolefin heat shrink tubes from China?

What is Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tube

polyolefin heat shrink tube is a type of plastic tubing that shrinks when heated. It is made from polyolefin materials, such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). This type of tubing is commonly used in manufacturing, electronics maintenance, wire and cable protection, and many other applications.

The tubing shrinks by heating, hence the name "heat shrink tube." When exposed to a heat source, typically a heat gun or a shrink oven, it contracts and tightly wraps around the object it covers, providing functions such as protection, insulation, sealing, and labeling. Characteristics of heat shrink tubes include resistance to chemical corrosion, good insulation properties, temperature resistance, and durability.

 polyolefin heat shrink tubes are versatile engineering plastic products suitable for various applications, offering functions like protection, insulation, and encapsulation.

Excellent Properties of Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tube:



Excellent Insulation

Provides outstanding electrical insulation for wire and cable protection.

Chemical Resistance

Demonstrates exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion, safeguarding against chemical substances.

Good Temperature Resistance

Can be used across a wide temperature range, adapting to different environmental conditions.

Convenient Installation and Application

Easy to install and use, simply requiring heating to shrink and tightly wrap around objects.

Provides Encapsulation and Protection

Offers physical protection, guarding against moisture, dust, abrasion, and more.

Marking and Printing Capability

Enables printing of markings, text, patterns, etc., during the shrinking process.

Multiple Colors and Sizes Available

Comes in various colors and sizes to suit different application needs.

Environmentally Friendly Material

Based on polyolefin materials, exhibiting a certain level of environmental friendliness.

Wear Resistance

Possesses wear-resistant properties, contributing to extended longevity.

Lightweight and Flexible

The polyolefin material makes it lightweight and flexible, accommodating various shapes and sizes.

The wide-ranging application areas of Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tube.

1.Electronics and Electrical Sector:

Utilized for wire and cable insulation, connector protection, and electronic component encapsulation. It offers electrical insulation, moisture resistance, dust protection, and mechanical safeguarding while reducing cable bend radius.

2.Electronics Manufacturing:

Employed for internal wire insulation, protection, and organization within electronic devices. Ensures devices maintain stable and secure performance across diverse environments.

3.Automotive and Transportation:

Used for internal vehicle wire routing, cable connections, and protection. With resistance to chemical corrosion, high temperatures, and wear, it's suitable for automotive electrical systems.

4.Industrial Manufacturing:

Applied for cable management, labeling, and insulation in machinery and equipment. Helps organize wire harnesses, label cables, and shield wires from environmental factors.

5.Communication Field:

Utilized for insulation, protection, and organization of fibers, cables, and connectors. Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tube assists in maintaining communication equipment performance and signal transmission quality.

6.Home Repair and DIY:

In home repairs and do-it-yourself projects, it serves for wire, cable, and connector insulation, protection, and labeling.

7.Aerospace and Defense:

Leveraged for electronic system insulation, protection, and organization due to its high performance and durability.

8.Environmental and Energy Sector:

Applied for insulating solar panel cables and protecting cable connections, ensuring cable reliability in challenging outdoor environments.

Why source polyolefin heat shrink tubes from China?

1.Co st Efficiency: 

China, being one of the global manufacturing hubs, often has lower production costs. Therefore, sourcing polyolefin heat shrink tube from China might be more cost-effective and help reduce production expenses.

2.Economies of Scale:

China's manufacturing industry often benefits from significant economies of scale, enabling large-scale production of various products, including polyolefin heat shrink tubes. This might mean you can obtain larger quantities of the product, leading to better price advantages.

3.Supply Chain Integrity:

China has a well-established manufacturing experience and supply chain integrity. You can easily find various suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring you can get the desired specifications and quality of polyolefin heat shrink tubes.

4.Technology and Quality:

China's manufacturing standards are continually improving, and many Chinese manufacturers have made significant strides in technology and quality. You can choose certified suppliers to ensure you receive high-quality products.

5.Customization Needs:

If you have specific customization requirements, Chinese manufacturers often offer customized production to meet your specific needs.

Performance testing of Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tube


Performance Parameter


Test Method

Tensile Strength


ASTM D 2671

Elongation at Break


ASTM D 2671

Tensile Strength after Heat Aging



Elongation at Break after Heat Aging



Axial Rate of Change

-5% ~ +5%

ASTM D 2671

Flame Retardancy


ASTM D 2671C

Withstand Voltage (rated voltage 600V)

2500V, 1min no breakdown

UL 224

Thermal Shock

No cracks, no dripping

UL224. 250°C×4h

Breakdown Strength


ASTM D 149

Volume Resistivity

≥10^14 Ω.cm

IEC 60093

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