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Teflon tube Question & Answer

Q1: What is the function of Teflon?

1. FEP can be applied to soft plastics, because its tensile strength, wear resistance, and creep resistance are lower than most engineering plastics.

2. The characteristics of FEP Teflon tube, what is fep tube.

3. Polyfluoroethylene propylene F46, FEP tube: -200--200°C.

4. Fusible polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA) tube: -200--260°C.

5. Corrosion resistance, it only works with elemental fluorine and alkali metals at high temperature, and has no effect on most other concentrated and dilute inorganic organic acids, alkalis and esters.

6. Teflon FEP heat shrinkable tube has outstanding insulation and weather resistance corrosion performance, such as high temperature performance, not only suitable for high temperature performance occasions, but also used for insulation protection at the connection weld and the distinction between pressure relief and covered components identify.


Q2: Teflon tube and Teflon tube

1. Name: Fep heat-shrinkable tube, F46 heat-shrinkable tube, transparent Teflon heat-shrinkable tube, FEP heat-shrinkable tube, Teflon heat-shrinkable tube.

2. Color: transparent, rare color: black.

3. Uses: insulation sheath, water treatment, high and low communication equipment for communication, main insulation of motor rotor, various industries in oil fields.

4. Papermaking machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, printing presses or roller coating.

5. It can be exposed to ozone and sunlight for a short time without aging.

6. The refractive index is lower than that of most plastics, and the medium and flow conditions in the pigging pipe can be observed very intuitively.

7. It can withstand alkali metals, fluorinated media, most strong acids, strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents and various organic solvents.

8. Teflon tubes have long been widely used in electronics, automobiles, aerospace and other fields.

9. Teflon tubes play an important role in important technical industries such as electric heating and communication.

Q5: Teflon tube specification table

1. Even if it is combined with non-electroplating or anodic oxidation film, it can really improve the hardness and wear resistance of the latter at the same time.

2. In short, various characteristics of Teflon tubes, such as advantages, determine the wide range of components and devices. List three points:.

3. Hamburger steak baking tray, scone night tray, molds for various pastries, ice maker, pastry pan, oven end tray, pie shrinkage, fruit juice filter, and some frying pans.

4. There are also all kinds of sugar refining and wine making and use or equipment.

5. The main products are: ① Tubes: Ptfe PTFE tubes, Fep tubes, Pfa tubes, Pvdf tubes.

6. ②Several types of heat-shrinkable tubes: Ptfe heat-shrinkable tubes, Fep heat-shrinkable tubes, Pfa heat-shrinkable tubes, and Pvdf heat-shrinkable tubes.

7. ③ Rod film type: Ptfe rod film, Fep rod film, Pfa rod film, Pvdf rod film.

Q6: Characteristics of Teflon

1. The first thing everyone needs to understand is that Teflon tubes have a high degree of chemical stability and can withstand most of the strong acids and alkalis.

2. The ultra-low coefficient of friction makes it an excellent self-lubricating product, and the coefficient of friction will not change with temperature.

3. The azane performance of Teflon tube is extremely hard. As a kind of non-polar material, PTFE has quite good dielectric properties and large resistance.

4. The company owns the self-service intellectual property rights of all products. Related products have US UL, REACH, FDA and RoHS certifications, as well as national mandatory product (3C) certifications such as SGS environmental testing.