PTFE Molded Tube

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YOZONE
Sample: Free
Payment: T/T

Product Specificatin:

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: YOZONE

Pipe Material: 100% pure PTFE resin

Material brand: Daikin chemical, DuPont. Dongyue & Chenguang (Domestic)

Specification: ID 30mm - 600mm, length 10mm - 300mm, customized.

Color: White, transparent black, red, yellow and etc.

Density: 2.16 - 2.3g/cm³

Tolerance: ±0.05 mm

Working Temperature: -180 - 240°C

Chemical Resistance: stable in most medium.

Electrical Property: Insulation Resistant

Certification: UL, CE, FDA, RoHS, REACH.

Standard: ISO9001:2008.

Test: SGS passed

Sample: Free

Payment: T/T

Service Life: Depends on environment, please kindly consult our engineers.

Application: Petroleum transportation, food procession, electrical and etc.

Product Description

As the premier supplier of PTFE molded tubes, our manufacturing process is thoughtfully designed to optimize production costs without compromising on quality. Customers highly appreciate and favor our PTFE tubing for its outstanding performance. Being an ideal raw material among all plastics, it encompasses all the remarkable characteristics of PTFE.

The internally smooth structure of our PTFE tubes contributes to their exceptional strength and flexibility. They possess anti-friction, anti-breakage, and anti-blockage properties, ensuring reliable and smooth operation. Additionally, our PTFE tubes exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosive chemicals, making them suitable for demanding environments. With good dielectric strength and impressive tensile strength, our PTFE tubes offer unmatched reliability and durability for a wide range of applications.

Mechanical working allows Yozonetech Molded PTFE Tubes to be shaped into non-standard parts, while also serving as excellent non-sticking materials. Their remarkable temperature tolerance of -180°C to +260°C makes them suitable for various applications. Notably, these tubes boast the lowest frictional factor and the most superior anti-corrosive properties compared to other known plastic materials.

We offer a range of Molded PTFE Tubes with outer diameters (OD) ranging from 30mm to 600mm and lengths varying between 10mm to 300mm per piece. Our selection includes various types of molded PTFE tubes, such as virgin molded PTFE tube, filled molded PTFE tube, fiber glass molded PTFE tube, graphite-filled molded PTFE tube, and bronze-filled molded PTFE tube. Each type serves specific purposes and applications to meet your diverse needs.

Data Sheet

Property Value Unites Method
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, 23°C 17-23 Mpa -
Elongation at break, 23°C 200-500 % -
Flexural strength, 23°C No break at flexure
D 790
Impact Strength No break - -
Yield Strength at 23°C 1450 Psi -
Density 2.12-2.17 gm/ -
Thermal Properties
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 20-100°C 12 x 10-5 K-1 D 696
Melting Point 327 °C -
Thermal Conductivity 0.25 W/m/deg K -
Serevice Temperature 260 °C -
Processing Temperature 370-395 °C -
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength, short time, 2mm 18 Volts/mum -
Surface Arc-Resistance >300 (does not track) sec D 495
Volum Resistivity, dry, @ 50% RH >1018 ohm-cm D 257
Dielectric Constant, 60 to 2 x 109 cps 2.1 ε D 150-81
Other Properties
Flame Rating+ VE-0 - UL-94
Resistance to Weathering Excellent - -
Specific Gravity 2.12-2.17 - D 792-66 (1979)
Coefficient of friction 0.27-0.67 - D 1894


• High strength against pressure

• High temperature resistant

• High dielectric strength

• Non-contaminating

• Smooth inner surface

• Abrasion resistance

• Anti-corrosive

• Anti-friction

• Flexible.



• Fluid Transfer Devices and Water Processing Systems

• Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

• Aerospace &Transportation Technology

• Components & Insulators

• Environmental Science

• Air Sampling

• Electronics

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