PTFE Etching Tubing OEM Manufacturer for Medical

Brand Name: YOZONE
Origin: China
Material: PTFE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Product Description

PTFE often needs to be mixed with other materials, but due to its famous smooth surface, it is difficult to combine with other materials. The purpose of fluoropolymer etching is to change the surface characteristics of PTFE, after treatment, it can be combined with other materials, whether it is plastic, metal, composite material or ceramic. 

The inherent bonding of fluoropolymers results in extremely low friction. In its unchanged state, the bonds of these polymers are so stable that it is difficult for them to bond with anything, even for a short period of time. When the etching process changes the carbon-fluorine bond of the PTFE bottom layer, the surface of the PTFE changes. After the PTFE is etched, its surface will have more friction, and it can be glued, molded or glued to other materials. It also allows the PTFE tube to be printed or engraved.

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