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Production process of FEP tube

Most of YOZONETECH FEP pipes are formed by extrusion process, so the mold plays an important role in this process. The specific material and size of the extrusion die also depend on factors such as conductor type, insulation type, insulation thickness, insulation material and degree of foaming.

According to many years of experience of YOZONETECH product experts, FEP hose extrusion die materials must use high-temperature, corrosion-resistant hatch alloys or other similar materials, such as nickel-based alloys, to meet the requirements of pipe extrusion processing.

Our engineer said that because the extrusion process of the fepple hose is different from the extrusion process of the physical foamed PE pipe, one is the pressure extrusion method, and the other is the main extrusion method, so the configured die size is also very different. Big difference.

In terms of die extrusion ratio, the die extrusion ratio of physical foam PE pipe is 1.05-1.10, while the die extrusion ratio of FEP hose is 5-8. The gap between the two is still very large. Therefore, users are repeatedly reminded that the design of the mold must be adjusted according to the extrusion effect. If the outer diameter of the insulation is too large, the size of the mold can be reduced;

In addition to the mold, the molding quality of the PTFE hose extrusion has a great relationship with the prominent temperature. Considering that the fepple hose is prone to melt fracture under shearing force during the extruse process, it can be reduced as the temperature increases. , So it needs to maximize the temperature setting of the extruder.

However, it should be noted that if the extrusion temperature is set too high, it will also cause the FEP hose melt strength to decrease, or even partially decompose, resulting in FEP hose insulation deformation, non-roundness and even filament cracking. During the extrusion process of FEP hose, the temperature setting should be adjusted according to the comprehensive factors such as mold, material, screw speed, etc. Do not set randomly.