Low-smoke No(low)halogen Flame Retardatory Fire Resistance Wire&cable

Origin: China
Brand: Yozone
Payment Terms: TT, LC, Others
Category: Insulated Electric Wire&Cable

1.  Brief product introduction

Low smoke (low) halogen-free cables and wires produce very small amount of smoke in the case of flame combustion. The released gas contains no halogen (low

halogen) elements and is non-toxic (low toxicity). When a fire occurs, it can greatly reduce the hazards to low-altitude devices, equipment and human body.

Therefore, it is widely used in high-rise buildings, hospitals, large libraries, gymnasiums, Disaster Prevention Command and control buildings, stations and civil

airports, passenger waiting rooms, key cultural relies protection sites and subway, underground shopping malls or densely populated public places.

Our company develops and produces plastic insulated cables and wires with rated voltage of 35KV and below. Their performance not only meets the requirements

of CB/T12706-2008, GB/T5023-2008 and GB9330-88, DGJ08-93-2002, but also forms a series of flame-retardant and fire-resistant types, especially low smoke and

halogen-free (low halogen) performances, which meet the national standards GR/T17652-1-21998, GB/17651.1-2-1998, and has been certified by national first-level

science and technology. Certainly, this kind of product has reached the domestic advanced level of similar products.

2.Grade and choose for the using location

Low smoke and no. (low) halogen use places should be classified as Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 according to the use nature of buildings,

fire risk, evacuation and rescue difficulty.

2. Flame-retardant wires and cables should be used when low smoky (low) halogen-free wires and cables are bound. The selection of flame-

retardant grade should be in accordance with Table 2 and Table 3. Under the action of external fire, fire-resistant wires and cables should

be used to maintain the integrity of the lines and maintain the power supply.

PDF:Low-smoke No(low)-halogen Flame Retardatory Fire Resistance Wirez&cable

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