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How to tell the difference between PTFE and TEFLON tube?

Many people can't tell the difference between some plastic pipes. At the same time, there are many names for many plastic pipes. For example, a very commonly used pipe is a transparent PTFE pipe, and some people call it a Teflon pipe. These two kinds of pipes have What's the difference? Let's take a look at the difference between transparent PTFE tube and Teflon tube.

The transparent PTFE tube is made of polytetrafluoroethylene. People often call the transparent PTFE tube the "plastic king", and another name for the Teflon tube is also the "plastic king". In fact, the transparent PTFE tube and Teflon tubes are all the same tube, but people are used to calling them different. It can also be said that the transparent PTFE tube is one of the Teflon tubes, because the Teflon tube has a variety of colors, including white wax color and translucent color, and the transparent PTFE tube is the transparent color. of.

The advantages of the transparent PTFE tube are many. Its heat resistance and cold resistance are very good. It will not cause problems when used for a long time in the extremely cold and extremely hot environment of -180 ~ 260oC. At the same time, its material is extremely Acid-resistant and alkaline-resistant, it is very suitable for industrial production. It has applications in various industries and will not be dissolved by organic solvents. At the same time, its friction coefficient is very small and has a very good lubricating effect. . When used in industrial production, people can easily observe the condition of raw materials at any time. In addition, it is not easy to be stuck, and it does not need to clean the pipeline. It is especially worry-free and labor-saving in industrial use.

Now that we understand the advantages of transparent PTFE tubes, we also know that it is actually one of the Teflon tubes, so we can buy transparent PTFE tubes with confidence in the future.

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