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YOZONE PTFE tubing: available for the pharmaceutical industry

YOZONE is a PTFE Etching Tubing OEM Manufacturer for Medicalin China since 2005. Nowadays, our company have great success in cooperate with 60+ European and American professional customers in medical items, such as medical catheter tube, power station heat exchanger, parts sealing by PTFE/FEP dual wall shrink tube and high pressure hydraulic PTFE tube for industrial gas and liquid.


What is PTFE Tubing?

Polytetrafluoroethylene pipe, also known as PTFE tube, is a pipe material with excellent properties. It uses high-quality plunger extrusion pipes and uses special processing technology to tightly combine steel pipes and plastic pipes.

Application of PTFE Tubing in medical field.

PTFE Tubing is widely used in the medical field due to their excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardancy. PTFE hoses can not only be used to transport various pharmaceuticals and biological products, but also can be used to transport high-temperature and high-pressure gases and liquids, so they are widely used in the medical field.

1.Chemical stability to transport biological products.

Various chemical reagents and solvents are required during the preparation and storage of biological products. PTFE Tube can withstand the corrosion of these chemicals and will not react with biological products, ensuring the purity and quality of biological products. In addition, the surface of the PTFE hose is very smooth, will not cause friction and wear, and will not cause any damage or impact to biological products.

2.Resistant to high temperatures and pressures

PTFE Tube can be used to transport high-temperature and high-pressure gases and liquids. PTFE Tube can withstand high temperature and high pressure environments and will not deform or rupture due to changes in temperature and pressure, ensuring the safe transportation of gases and liquids. In addition, the surface of PTFE Tube is very smooth and will not cause resistance or obstruction to the flow of gas and liquid.

3.Flame retardant and corrosion resistance

The flame retardant properties of PTFE Tube also make it widely used in the medical field. Places where medical equipment and instruments are used usually require a high degree of fire prevention. The flame retardant properties of PTFE Tube can effectively reduce the occurrence of fires and ensure the safe use of medical equipment and instruments.

PTFE Tube has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand the erosion of various acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents, as well as some strong oxidants.

Why choose us?

Although PTFE Tube has many advantages, its price is relatively high, which may limit its application in some medical fields. In addition, the manufacturing and processing of PTFE Tube are difficult and require certain skills and experience.

YOZONE factories cover an area of 40,000 square meter and have 500 workers, developers and more than 700 production equipment, which guarantee developing 1-2 new product per month and monthly output of 25 million meters products. Besides, We own 2 factories which locates in Hebei Province, at the same time, we associate with another 5 factories in Guangdong, Shanghai and Hebei Province in China.

Our professional engineer director has more than 15 years of experience in the PTFE Tubing industry. He is one of the earliest engineers of foreign-funded enterprises in China factory FEP Tube industry.

Relying on strong technical support and industrial clusters, we are a world leader in the development of new products and customer customized services. According to customer needs,we can custom ptfe heat shrink tubing, heat shrink ptfe tubing, ptfe thin wall tubing with competitive price.

We are #1 OEM & ODM factory in China, also your most trustworthy partner.If you want to know more about PTFE Tubing customization services, please contact us. We also sincerely invite you to visit our company and factory. Look forward to working with you.