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What are the characteristics of Teflon tubes?

Corrosion resistance. Other polymer products will break down if they come in contact with the wrong chemicals. Those customers who work with chemicals on a regular basis prefer a more general solution rather than researching certain corrosion resistance of common polymers such as polyethylene and polyamides. Teflon tubing is ideal for a variety of chemical or hazardous environment applications in highly corrosive environments.

-Teflon tubing does not adhere to liquids as other polymers do not clean easily. Think of the way oil and water foam on a non-stick pan. Teflon tubing works in the same way, improving tube performance as well as simplifying the cleaning process. The right tubing material should provide protection for wires and cables in wet environments and facilitate consistent flow during fluid transfer.

-Teflon tubing offers many desirable characteristics, but without sacrificing the flexibility or longevity of the tubing. Our selection of Teflon tubing performs well, bends easily and lasts for years. If you are looking for a better tubing solution, consider Teflon tubing as an alternative.

1、 Superior corrosion resistance

Can withstand all strong acids (including aqua regia), strong oxidizers, reducing agents and various organic solvents in addition to molten alkali metals, fluorinated media and sodium hydroxide * - above 300 ℃.

2、 Extremely strong insulation resistance

Not affected by the environment and frequency, volume resistance up to 1018 ohms? cm, small dielectric loss, high wear voltage.

3、 Excellent resistance to high and low temperature

The influence of the temperature does not change much, the temperature range is wide, can use the temperature -190 ℃ and +260 ℃.

4、 Unique self-lubricating property

With small friction coefficient of plastic, it is the ideal oil-free lubricating material.

5、 Outstanding surface non-stickiness

Known solid materials are not able to adhere to the surface, is a solid material with small surface energy.

6、 Excellent atmospheric aging resistance, irradiation resistance and low permeability

Long-term exposure to the atmosphere, the surface and performance remain unchanged. Valuable non-combustibility - limited oxygen index below 90