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What are the characteristics of PFA pipe?

What are the characteristics of PFA pipe

PFA is the abbreviation of Polyfluoroalkoxy in English, and the Chinese name is soluble polytetrafluoroethylene. PFA plastic is a copolymer of a small amount of perfluoropropyl perfluorovinyl ether and polytetrafluoroethylene. The melt adhesion is enhanced, the melt viscosity is reduced, and the performance is unchanged compared with PTFE. This kind of epoxy resin can be produced and processed into products by general thermosetting forming method at the same time.

1. The long-term use temperature is -80--260 degrees. It has excellent solvent resistance and corrosion resistance to all chemicals. The friction resistance is the least among plastics. It also has good electrical properties. Its electrical insulation performance will not be affected by temperature. , known as the "King of Plastics".

2. Its stress relaxation resistance and reduced compressive strength are better than PTFE, its tensile strength is high, and its elongation can reach 100-300%. Good dielectric charge and excellent resistance to radiation sources.

3. Some chemical corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance to all chemicals, friction coefficient among plastics, and good electrical properties. It is suitable for making corrosion-resistant parts, wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts, seals, insulating parts and medical equipment parts, high-temperature wires, cable insulation layers, anti-corrosion equipment, sealing materials, pump valve bushings, and chemical containers.

4. The physical, electrical and chemical properties of PFA are similar to those of polytetrafluoroethylene; it is a thermoplastic that can be melt-processed. PFA pipes have excellent stress crack resistance and flex life, but are not as permeable as PTFE. PFA tubes have very low metal ion content and can maintain strong mechanical strength and burst pressure at higher temperatures. Its chemical purity meets FDA requirements.

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