Viton O-ring Gasket

Product name: Viton Rubber Seal O-ring
Service: OEM ODM
Sample: Samples Freely
Certificate: ISO9001

The Viton Rubber Oring is a top-tier elastomer, revered for its exceptional chemical resistance, particularly for sealing against acids, alkalis, solvents, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, Freon 12, oils, fats, and gasoline. It proudly displays superior endurance against weathering and ozone. The premium Viton rubber Oring showcases remarkable heat resistance and performs admirably in both high and low temperatures, while also being self-extinguishing. Furthermore, it demonstrates excellent compression set behavior under high-temperature compression, showcasing outstanding resilience to alkalis, even in the presence of oxidants.

Designed primarily for gasket, flexible strip, pad, or lining applications, Industrial Gaskets' Viton rubber Oring serves as a stalwart solution for sealing, insulating, isolating, and protecting various surfaces, especially in corrosive and high-temperature scenarios. Its versatility extends to uses such as chemical storage transfer and processing, encompassing roles such as flange gaskets for pipes and tanks, lining pipes and tanks, and a myriad of sealing tasks.


Product name: Viton Rubber Seal O-ring

Material: Viton/FFKM

Color: Customized Colors

Hardness: 40-90 Shore

Packing: Plastic Bags +Carton

MOQ: 100 PCS

Service: OEM ODM

Sample: Samples Freely

Certificate: ISO9001

Size: Customized sizes


- Exceptional resistance to petroleum-based oils and fuels, including petrol, diesel, and LPG

- Robust resistance to acids and alkalis, even in the presence of oxidants

- Remarkable endurance against aggressive fuels and chemicals

- Solid resistance to ozone effects and weathering

- Excellent performance at high temperatures

- Outstanding ability to withstand compression

- Reliable resistance to acids and alkalis

- Durability conferred by its rubber composition

- ISO 9001 certification attesting to quality

- Smooth and flat surface


- Insulation, isolation, and protection of steel and equipment surfaces

- Crucial temperature-sealing and corrosion protection tasks

- Chemical storage transfer and processing

- Serving as flange gaskets on pipes and tanks

- Utilized in industrial sealing gaskets or strips

- Suitable for a wide array of sealing applications

- Lining pipes and tanks

- Effective in oil and petrol applications

- Applied in expansion joints and more.


Item Viton/FKM Test Method
Color black., etc
Specific gravity 2/cm3 ASTM D297
Hardness 70°-80° Shore A ASTM D2240
Tensile strength 9 MPa (min) ASTM D412
Elongation at break 150% (min) ASTM D412
Width 1m, 1.2m or 1.5m
Tear strength 25 N/mm ASTM D 624
Low temperature resistance -30°C ASTM D1329
Temperature range -30°C to +250°C ASTM D2000

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