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How to extend PTFE tube service life?

YOZONETECH has discovered in the process of manufacturing and actual use in the past decades that the factors that can affect the service life and stable performance of PTFE liner are temperature, pressure, medium, etc. Better materials and advanced manufacturing techniques are the quality assurance of PTFE lining products.

PTFE pipe is made of ordinary carbon steel pipe as the matrix, and is lined with thermoplastic polytetrafluoroethylene plastic with excellent chemical stability. It is processed by molding process. The steel-lined tetrafluoroethylene pipe is used to transport strong acid, strong alkali, industrial salt and Ideal pipeline with high temperature and strong corrosive medium such as strong corrosive gas, widely used in chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, electric power, pesticide, mining, paper-making and other industrial sectors.

The PTFE tube has been used for a long time. The air duct of the damaged galvanized layer should be derusted and painted with galvanized paint, and all the angle iron flange supports and hangers should be painted with Zhangdan twice, and the paint color of the exposed part should be coordinated with the decoration color , The surface of the plastic pipes that are exposed to be installed without heat preservation are brushed and mixed with two coats of paint, and the color is used according to the surrounding decoration color.

The air pipe parts of the PTFE tube, the support and hanger of the equipment and the steel components on the foundation should be coated with two coats of anti-rust primer after descaling, and two coats of top coat should be applied to the exposed part.

In addition, sometimes the PTFE tube also requires the insulation layer to be tightly bonded, without bubbles or corners, tightly wrapped with glass cloth, and evenly painted with fireproof coatings. Only when the heat preservation and anti-corrosion measures of the PTFE tube are in place, its service life can be extended.