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How to deal with the leakage of PC sunshine board sheet?

PC sun board sheet is more and more widely used in our daily life, especially in the advertising industry. However, in many cases, due to improper handling of PC solar panels, it will often cause water leakage in PC solar panels. How to solve this problem? Let’s take a look at the introduction of the YOZONETECH PC sun board sheet sheet

1. The surface of the glass glue to be bonded to the substrate must be very clean, without other attachments (such as dust, etc.), otherwise the glass glue will not bond firmly or fall off after curing.

2. The acid glass glue will release irritating gas during the curing process, which will irritate the eyes and respiratory tract. Therefore, it is necessary to open the doors and windows after construction and continue to cure and release the gas.

3. The common problems of glass glue are blackening and mildew, even if the use of waterproof glass glue and mildew proof glass glue can not completely avoid the occurrence of such problems. Therefore, it is not suitable for buildings with water or long-term soaking.

4. Anyone who knows glass glue should know that glass glue is an organic substance that is easily soluble in organic solvents such as grease, xylene, acetone, etc. Therefore, glass glue cannot be applied to substrates containing such substances.

5. Ordinary glass glue can be cured only with the participation of moisture in the air, except for special and special-purpose glass glue (such as anaerobic glue). Therefore, if you want to construct a place in a closed space, it is very dry. Ordinary glass glue will not be competent.

When we choose solar panels, we still have to choose good quality solar panels, so as to solve the root cause of the leakage of PC solar panels.