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Do You Know Braided Reinforced Silicone Tube True Performance And Purpose?

When it comes to braided silicone tube, you may know it, but do you know its true performance and purpose?

It also has another name, reinforced silicone tube, which is five times thicker than ordinary braided tube and is usually used more in special industries. Moreover, the YOZONETECH reinforced silicone tube production process is very strict, and every link must be controlled. Let's take a look at some of the performance and usage of this product in detail. China factory PFA Tube always offer high quality products and services.

First, use

1. Industrial use: It is widely used in industry, because it can produce very small silicone tubes, and can also produce thicker silicone tubes as needed, so that you can be widely used in industry.

2. Medical use: There are too many medical uses. For example, thick braided silicone tubes are used in the medical industry for large infusion transmission.

Second, use performance

1. The pipe wall is relatively thick, so it can resist the impact of various external forces. Even if a few tons of vehicles pass the pipeline pressure, they will rupture, and they can immediately restore to the original state. The elasticity is very good.

2. The heat resistance is very good, and the high temperature of 400 degrees Celsius will not affect it. Even if it works for 5000 hours in this environment, there will be no deformation, fracture, bursting, etc.

In addition, the woven silicone tube has excellent moisture resistance and UV resistance.

YOZONETECH has developed braided reinforced silicone tube for years and exported to many European and American countries, in 2021, we will produce more quality silicone tubes for our clients.