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Characteristics and application of FEP spiral coiled tube

1. Introduction of Fep spring telescopic tube

Spring telescopic tube name: Teflon convoluted tube, Fep coiled tube, Fep spiral steel tube, Fep spring telescopic tube.

The Teflon telescopic tube is also known as the Teflon spring telescopic tube for sterilization. It is not clear that the spring telescopic tube also has such a name. When it comes to spring expansion tubes, everyone may have a better conceptual design. Teflon spring expansion tube, to put it bluntly, is similar in shape to spring expansion, but the material is different, there are spring expansion tubes of PTFE, FEP, PFA and other materials. Teflon spring tube is a spring telescopic tube made of Teflon material, which is often used in heat exchangers, steam pipes; various frequency cable insulation sleeves, groove insulation tubes; various corrosion Substance (harsh organic solvent) conveying pipe; liquid crystal display manufacturing equipment; high-purity experimental reagent conveying pipe; bad insulation casing for oil replacement motor; single-ended bright single-core metal pipe for general purpose, central air-conditioning electronic wiring harness components Pipe and other industries.

Common color: fully transparent, grayish black.

2. Characteristics of Fep spring telescopic tube

1. High and low temperature resistance test: -196--260 ℃ high temperature, the compressive strength is twice as large as F4.

2. Non-sticky, mixed with water and oil, thick wall, no scaling inside and outside, no flow.

3. Electrical stability, high insulation performance The dielectric constant viscosity is 2.1 under the high and low temperature test of 601HZ-60MH. Even if the surface is damaged by pole vaulting, it will not produce electrical conductivity; track resistance > 10180M surface resistivity > 2*10130M; arc resistance > 165 seconds without leakage.

4. Corrosion resistance: only the elemental fluorine at high temperature, alkaline earth metals can work with it, and have no effect on any other concentrated or rare organic organic acids, alkalis and esters;

5. Low water absorption capacity: band operation rate <0.01%;

6. Flame retardancy: It is not easy to ignite in the air (O2 index value>95V0L%), no harmful substances and has physiological plasticity;

7. High definition: the lowest refractive index among all plastics; aging resistance: it can be exposed to active oxygen and sunlight for a long time;

8. Easy secondary process performance: can be sealed, can be self-welded, can be reversed, and can make coiled tubes.

3. Common specifications and models of Fep spring telescopic tubes:

Nominal diameter*diameter (unit: mm)

Metric system: 2*43*54*65*76*88*108*129*1210*1212*1414*1616*1818*20

Thread nominal diameter: 1/8 inch (1.6*3.2) 1/4 (3.96*6.35) 3/8 (6.35*9.525) 1/2 inch (9.5*12.7) 3/4 (15.88*19.05) 1 (22.2* 25.4)

It can produce specifications and models, with a nominal diameter of 0.5mm to an inner diameter of 200mm, and a wall thickness of 0.12mm to 3mm.

For the actual customized specifications and models, please consult the Fep manufacturer: Shenzhen Junsheng Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

4. Application characteristics of Fep spring telescopic tube:

1. High-temperature cables, cable sheaths, anti-corrosion materials, rubber seals, shaft sleeves for valve accessories, and organic chemical containers;

2. It is suitable for making anti-corrosion parts, anti-friction and wear-resistant materials, hydraulic seals, insulating layer parts and medical equipment parts;

3. Poor fluidity, very easy to dissolve, and cause corrosive gas when decomposed. It is advisable to strictly control the forming temperature not to exceed 475 degrees, the mold shell should be heated to 150-200 degrees, and the frictional resistance of pouring to the system material flow should be small;

4. Transparent toner material, injection molding and extrusion molding. The molding temperature is 350-400 degrees, and above 475 degrees is very easy to cause discoloration or bubbles. And note that it will be more difficult to release the mold.

5. The main purpose of polyperfluoroethylene pe (FEP) spring expansion tube:

1. Liquid crystal display manufacturing equipment;

2. The overall single-end shiny single-core metal tube;

3. Heat exchanger, steam pipeline;

4. High-purity experimental reagent delivery pipeline;

5. Delivery pipes for various corrosive substances (harsh organic solvents);

6. Various frequency cable insulation sleeves, slot insulation tubes;

7. Slot insulating bushing for submersible motors;

8. Tubes for central air-conditioning electronic wiring harness components;

9. Pipes for all-inclusive fluorine plastic O-ring sealing rings.

If you want to know more about Fep springs and telescopic tubes, please continue to pay attention to Yozonetech Co., Ltd.