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YOZONETECH PFA Tube Properties and Use Field

YOZONETECH has several types of PFA tubes, one is universal, the other is high purity

PFA plastic is a kind of copolymer. It has good toughness, strong viscosity and good corrosion resistance. It can be used in the production of anti-corrosion pipes. PFA materials are widely used in our lives. Because of their high chemical stability, they are used in some medical equipment. Everyone has its own figure, so do you know PFA as a hose parameter information? Today, YOZONETECH will introduce to you!

PFA hose details:

1. Performance: PFA maintains the excellent chemical stability, mechanical properties, electrical insulation, self-lubricity, non-viscosity, non-flammability and aging resistance of PTEE. The outstanding feature of PFA pipe is that the melt viscosity is much lower than that of PTFE, so it can be processed by common thermoplastic molding methods. The product has good high temperature resistance and stability, and the high temperature mechanical strength is twice higher than that of PTFE. PFA film is softer than PTFE, and has better resistance and cracking properties.

2. The main purpose of YOZONETECH PFA pipe: PFA is basically used in all areas of PTFE, and can make complex products with difficult shapes of PTFE.

English Name :Polytetrafluoro ethylene

Specific gravity: 2.13-2.167 g/cm3 Molding shrinkage: 3.1-7.7% Molding temperature: 350-400°C Drying conditions: -

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General size:

1/8 ", 1/4 ", 3/8 ", 1/2 ", 3/4 ", 1"

Wall thickness range: 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm


Weather resistance -200°C, temperature resistance +260°C.

Good dielectric properties, with a dielectric constant of 2.1.

Easily used for the transportation of pure water, fuel, petroleum, and high-purity chemicals.

High light transmittance of the hose, easy to observe the internal fluid condition.

Low friction coefficient.

Good viscosity resistance, the inner wall of the tube is not easy to adhere to the medium.

Use field:



food industry

medical instruments

Level gauge