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What’s The Advantages Of PFA Tube?

 PFA is a common feature of perfluorofluoroethylene ether and Teflon. Mainly used in the production of wires, cables, lighting wires. China YOZONETECH Factory is a professional PFA Tube manufacturer.

 It can also be used to produce more complex products. During the production process, the adhesion of the melt is enhanced, but the viscosity of the melt is relatively reduced and there is no change compared to Teflon.

 In this process, PFA products can be processed directly into products by common thermoplastic molding methods. Of course, it also has good electrical properties, but its electrical insulation is not affected by temperature.

PFA is a fluoroplastic product that can be processed into different products by ordinary thermoplastics. China YOZONETECH in the processing process, it may become the following products raw materials, very resistant to corrosion!

Can be used to manufacture corrosion-resistant components, wear-reducing components, seals, insulating parts and medical equipment components. After completion can be made into high-temperature wire, cable insulation and other products. It can also be used for certain anti-corrosion equipment and sealing materials. , pump valve bushings and other products are in production. And has good radiation resistance.

 I believe we are familiar with all kinds of plastic products in our life. For most people, running with PFA materials is no stranger. The typical form of application of PFA is PFA tube. Because we use a variety of PFA tubes, we make quality of life and quality better. PFA also has many characteristics. The long-term temperature is -80-260 degrees. It has excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals, low coefficient of friction in plastics, very good electrical performance. Its electrical insulation is not affected by temperature. Known as the "Plastic King", it is also good to use it as a protective case for wire and cable.