Ultraviolet Curing Lamp Tube

Customization: Yes
Origin: China
Model: UVA365
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Product Description:

The UVA365 UV lamp is a kind of low-pressure mercury lamp. 

The low-pressure mercury lamp USES the lower mercury vapor pressure to be activated and emits ULTRAVIOLET light. The YOZONE UVA365 UV lamp can effectively emit the stronger ultraviolet light of 365nm.

Widely used in printing plate making, paint curing, aging testing, banknote inspection, insect and fly trapping, material research, food, textile, criminal investigation, banknote inspection, flaw detection, photocatalyst purification and other industries.

Customization: special specifications of ULTRAVIOLET lamps can be customized according to customer requirements, in order to extend the service life of ultraviolet lamps and ensure high strength UVA output

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