Shortwave Single Half-Coated Gold Infrared Heating Tube

Origin: China
Voltage: 220-240
Wattage: 1000
Brand: Yozone

Product Description

Key word 

Gold - plated infrared lamp tube, 

all gold - plated infrared lamp tube, 

coated infrared lamp tube

Shortwave infrared lamp has better heating efficiency, especially suitable for the process of rapid raising and cooling

Gold-plated infrared lamp tube gold or gold plated tube, it is in a vacuum environment, through the thin film design, measurement, heat treatment, machining several links such as thin film material gas phase precipitation to stay outside the wall, form a golden, achieve the desired optical interference effect, can filter ultraviolet ray, increase thermal efficiency, tube wall is beautiful and easy, high technical content! Infrared radiation efficiency is high, which can effectively convert visible part into infrared radiation.

Short Wave Infrared Tube Properties

1. High purity transparent quartz tube manufacturing

2. The color temperature is 2400-2500 k

3. Infrared wavelength range 1-2 µ

4. Made with pick wire and vacuum • fill with protective gas

5. Heat up immediately and cool down quickly - about 1-2 seconds between start and 

6. Maximum reaction time

7. Filament temperature 1800-2400°C

8. The maximum length is 3 meters

8. Gold plated or ceramic back, Increased reflection and thermal efficiency

9. Various voltages, powers and lengths can be produced according to customers' requirements

10. Can be made for vertical or horizontal use as required

Product Specification

Mold Wattage
Heating length
Overall length
base Appearance Burning
Wire length
LPG2410/355 1000W 220-240V 280mm 355mm SK15/R7S Half gold
Any Place 400mm
LPG2410/430 1000W 220-240V 350mm 430mm SK15/R7S Half gold
Any Place 400mm
LPG2410/480 1000W 220-240V 410mm 480mm SK15/R7S Half gold
Any Place 400mm
LPG2410/525 1000W 220-240V 430mm 525mm SK15/R7S Half gold
Any Place 400mm
LPG2410/650 1000W 220-240V 590mm 650mm SK15/R7S Half gold
Any Place 400mm

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