Infrared Focusing Heating Lamp Cup

Origin: China
Brand: Yozone
Category: Infrared lamp
Payment Terms: TT, LC, Others

Product Description

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Infrared focusing heating lamp cup, 

Focusing heating bulb, 

Focusing heating lamp cup

Infrared heating focusing lamp cup or simply referred to as infrared light bulb, is the inner plating of gold film or aluminum reflective film, using the parabola or ellipse characteristics of the cup surface, so that the principle of light convergence and design, its characteristics is heating quickly, infrared radiation conversion rate is high, long life.

Features of the focusing heating lamp cup:

1. Heat quickly

2. Infrared thermal radiation has strong focusing energy

3. The centralized heating efficiency of point light source is high, saving energy and environmental protection.

Suitable for strip welding, electronic board, circuit board, metal heating, plastic heating, other special heating, etc

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Product Specification

Mold No. Voltage Power Service Life Diameter Focusing distance Lamp foot
LR12V100W 12V 100W 500-2000H 50mm 35mm G6.35
LR15V150W 15V 150W 500-2000H 50mm 35mm G6.35
LR24V150W 24V 150W 500-2000H 50mm 35mm G6.35
LR24V250W 24V 250W 500-2000H 50mm 35mm G6.35
LR15V150W 15V 150W 500-2000H 70mm 50mm G6.35
LR24V150W 24V 150W 500-2000H 70mm 50mm G6.35

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