Convenient Assembly Infrared Heating Module

Origin: China
Brand: Yozone
Category: Infrared lamp
Payment Terms: TT, LC, Others

Product Description

Key Word

Hanging wall paint lamp 

paint room hanging wall lamp box type infrared paint lamp 

infrared ray baking lamp

Lamp box type infrared paint lamp infrared baking lamp infrared heating lamp box

Hanging wall paint lamp is also called hanging wall paint lamp, as the name suggests is the device used on the baking room wall paint lamp, it has two doors, with magnetic control switch, spray painting can be closed two doors,

Paint lamp will take the initiative to power off, environmental protection. In addition to baking paint, other space heating or drying operations can be used, is a multi-functional infrared heating lamp.

◆ YOZONE infrared products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, automobile maintenance, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, train, aircraft, furniture and other industries.

Technical configuration (data are provided by the company for reference only)

▼ lamp box with 3 pieces *1KW shortwave infrared lamp tube (optional PHILIPS or OSRAM infrared lamp tube)

▼ light box: adopt 0.8mm cold plate surface powder, 8K mirror 304 stainless steel reflector, front protection net, rear metal protection plate

▼ electric control box: temperature control, time adjustable, power adjustable, light source independent switch.

▼ Temperature measurement: thermocouple/infrared sensor

▼ Input power supply: 220V/380V 50HZ/ 60Hz

▼ Electric source: AC12V/AC24V

▼ Work rate: 30KW

▼ heating time: 5-30min (60-80 ℃)

▼ baking area: 0.6×0.8m (▼ baking area can be designed according to requirements)

▼ Baking distance: 0.5-0.8m.

◆ Cost-effective paint baking machine, matching infrared spectrum, short heating time and simple control system.

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